Sunday, April 10, 2016

Not a Good Weekend

I came home Friday night after teaching my student feeling exhausted. Luckily, my weekend was pretty free, with no lessons and only a kid's birthday party on Sunday. 

Slept in on Saturday and woke up feeling icky. 

Woke up Sunday feeling pretty blah, but after a shower and some breakfast, I felt better and headed to the kid's party. The party wasn't a bunch of kids, just the birthday kid and the kid's family...and me. 
This family has a house that's large by Japanese standards and when I'm invited over, they prepare a lot of food and alcohol is on tap. 

Perhaps it was the yakiniku. Or maybe the drinks. But midway through the event, I headed to the bathroom and barfed out everything. Compared to what I normally drink, I had a lot less this time, but my body was just too tired to care.

I don't think anyone heard me hurling. I really hope that I didn't leave some hidden barf somewhere. 

Had to confess somewhere!

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