Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Not to be in Middle School

I really dislike the middle school students I come across.

Yesterday, my hanami plans were cancelled due to the chance of rain. I rarely have a whole weekend to myself, and I'm rarely awake before 1pm on a free weekend. Yet, there I was.
So, I headed downtown to window shop and clear my mind.

At some point I thought that I should eat something. I am the type of person that forgets to eat or drink...or even use the bathroom, and I've gotten into the habit of checking in with myself. "You have a headache, why? Is it because you haven't had anything to drink all day and it's 6pm? Go buy some water."

My check-in told me to eat something, and wanting to get the biggest bang for my yen, I decided on McDonald's.


First, the line was hella long.


Then I noticed that most of the line was foreign tourists or middle school students.

The group of four students directly in front of me decided they were too cool to line up. One girl stood in the middle of the narrow aisle and made no effort to move aside for people. Her thumb was busy flicking through dumb shit on her phone. Literally dumb shit. She wasn't texting anyone. She wasn't looking up information. She was scrolling through the different screens on her phone, turning the screen off then on again.

No. You are not cute.

I debated with myself and decided against saying anything. You can't say anything to anyone under 20 because you'll be called a "ba-ba" or something, as if I really care what 13 year olds think of me?

I take my order and head up to the topmost floor, and ugh, FML, it's filled...FILLED with middle schoolers. 

Middle school mentality:
- throwing your trays into a pile is cool, because people cleaning up your mess is cool
- talking about how ugly someone is is cool, despite being ugly yourself, because...??
(That's right. I called a middle schooler 'ugly' and I'll do it again.)
- wearing revealing clothing is cool...but being 'old' isn't, but you wear clothes and make-up to make yourself look older and what??
- taking up space and acting oblivious to others is cool because your parents and the adults around you allow it because you're in middle school. idiots. 

Did I do this stuff in middle school? 


You know why? Because I had a job and no car. To get to the mall required a huge amount of coordinating bus schedules and homework. Going to the mall with friends was like a once in a lifetime experience since going with friends meant coordinating not only work and bus schedules, but getting permission from parents and arranging rides if someone offered. 

And if I had dared to leave a table messy after a meal or thrown a tray, my mom would have heard about it before I even got home.


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