Monday, February 29, 2016

Random Thoughts 0229

First, omg! It's a leap year! Four years ago, I don't think I was in a state of mind that would allow me to think about it.

It's uru-u doshi うるう年, in Japanese for anyone who is interested...

Now, for the main reason for this post.

I have a "coworker" who is slowly working my last nerve. She's actually a temp worker and in her 40s, I think. She's kind of chubby, which is not something that should matter, but will as I go on.

I'm just going to make a list. 

Ugh...this sounds so mean. Maybe some of this is revenge for the amount of pestering I did of Chinese friends in middle school to teach me Chinese...

- Touching my ass without permission.
   I not a "touch" person and I'm really not a "pat someone's ass" person...

- Randomly saying stuff to me in English with that dumb, fucking "American" accent.
  It's just random words at random times. Instead of a 'welcome back,' I get a "come back." I am sure it's her way of trying to get to know me, or maybe she wants to be nice, but I feel like there's a line and she's dancing on it.

- Talks about weight; passes out sweets.
   I love sweets and I also know I need to lose weight. That's why I do stuff that doesn't involve talking about my weight and eating sweets. Maybe she's not interested in losing weight. I don't know. I'm interested in what people do to lose weight and I love to hear their tips. At the same time...I don't want to spend a bunch of time talking about weight.

- Suddenly gave me clothing...that was too big...then seemed disappointed when I didn't wear it immediately.
  This kind of feeds in to another issue I have with some women here, which is that they constantly tag me as being larger than I actually am. She wears a large and gave me two sweaters. I tried them on at home and decided to buy an undershirt to wear with them. I mean, one has a large opening at the neck and if I bend over, anyone would get a full view. When I wore a similar sweater soon after receiving hers, she fiddled with mine and seemed sad? pissed? that I wasn't wearing her sweater. So. Much. Pressure.

- Peeking into my lunch bag as soon as I get to work.
  Like. What are you expecting to find? A bag full of dildos? Yes. I've got bananas and mikan in my bag. No, I don't need to "eat more" because I've got two bananas, two mikans, oatmeal, yogurt, cakes, soup and tea. Plus, fruit doesn't hit me as hard as regular food at 1:30, making me want to roll over and sleep. And stop coughing and touching my food!

/ rant

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