Monday, February 29, 2016

I love exercise

I love exercising. 

Last year I bought 10,000 yen worth of "introductory" tickets (12 in total) to a fitness club that one of my coworkers goes to. I mostly used the tickets to go to zumba.

The two teachers they have are fit as hell and have some great dance moves. My Wednesday zumba teacher at the prefectural gym is nice, but she just can't compare.

With me going back to the States for Xmas and just being busy, I found myself with six unused tickets at the beginning of February that were set to expire at the end of the month. 

Normally, I go home and crash after a full day of work and then an eikaiwa lesson, but I didn't want to waste that precious money, so I forced myself to find the time to use the tickets. The best part about that gym is the new equipment and the treadmills and elliptical machines with TVs! Now, I could watch my favorite programs and get my exercise on!

I also decided to try to stick mostly to fruit and yogurt for lunch. One of my eikaiwa parents gives me a bunch of food and this month I got a shit ton (for me) of mikans. The plus was a pretty painless (for me) period! Exercise plus more fruit?? 
Downside is that I didn't lose any weight.

I don't really have a huge support network here, and I get down a lot, but I feel so much better and more relaxed when I can move and exercise. This month has shown me that I really need to make more time for going to the gym.

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