Thursday, December 3, 2015

That Happened 1202

It started raining early this afternoon and it's continued into the night. I'm certain I'll be taking the bus to work in the morning because I can still hear the rain outside.

When I have a bit of free time after work, I like to walk around the downtown area and just let my mind wander. These walks usually take two or three hours. It's just nice not to think about translation and it's nice to let my mind turn to static. I stopped in Yamada Denki as my last stop before heading home to check out their cell phones and see if I could find a deal.

I talked to one AU representative who later disappeared and was quickly approached by someone with WiMax. WiMax is a kind of pocket WiFi that many people here use as it's cheaper than getting your home wired. It's great for your more basic internet browsing, watching some YouTube videos and such.

This guy starts asking me about internet, providers, etc. and eventually asks me to take a seat so he can check out my area. I figured I'd let him do his thing because whenever I'm at Yamada Denki it seems like there's 50 staff to every customer. I ended talking with him for maybe 15 or 20 minutes and he tried to show me how much money I'd be saving by switching to his WiMax. 

Now...I've used WiMax. In fact, it was my main internet until this May when I switched to OCN. My mental calculations told me that while I could get WiMax at my place, they have some monthly data limits and other things that I just wasn't interested in dealing with. I didn't go into all of that detail, but I said that I'd think about it and yeah.

I get it. This is a commission job. You get me to sign up, you get a cut. You show me some cheaper numbers and wow me and I should jump. At the end, the guy started to pull out his business card, paused, looked at the card and said, "Nah, forget it. You probably don't understand anyway."

No. I am pretty sure I do understand. I got 40,000 yen cash back when I signed up for OCN. If I cancel my contract early, I have to pay about 20 - 30,000 yen back. The guy calculated my bill as coming in at 78,000 yen over the next 12 months. He suggested I switch to WiMax and my estimated one-year bill would be 55,000 yen, but...BUT!! I could get 15,000 or so yen cash back. So, I switch to WiMax at 55,000 a year, take away the 15,000 yen for the cash back and that's 40,000 yen a year. Great. But then I have at least 20,000 yen I have to worry about in cancellation fees. So that jumps to 60,000 yen. Then, the two bills will probably overlap, so that'll be another 10,000 yen or so.

So, it didn't really seem like it was going to be a "win" for me to go through the trouble of switching. Who knows. Perhaps my math was off. Either way, he didn't have to get so pissy about it :(

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