Friday, December 11, 2015

Rage Thoughts 1211

If I may be a little pissed. 

It's incredibly annoying to ride the elevator to my floor every morning. It's annoying to ride it up again in the afternoon during lunch.

People have obviously never learned how to ride an elevator because when the doors open, they slowly walk through them, usually stopping right after they step in...causing a backup of people who are also trying to board. Once they've kindly moved to the side, they carefully pick their floor out of the myriad of choices...usually it's one or two floors above the one they've gotten on from.

If the person riding is female, the forget that they are working in some random office and seem to think they are the fucking Sogo department store elevator girl: "Oh, I'm so prim and proper. Look at me lightly and carefully pressing the close and open buttons. Look at how my hands are carefully folded in front of me. I am a god. The god of the elevator. Tee hee."

I want to choke slam these chicks into the floor.

And finally, when they've reached their destination, the men and women take their slow ass time getting off the elevator. I assume they are picturing themselves in some sort of exotic location. Perhaps somewhere where life is slower and people literally stop to smell the flowers.

All I know is I do not have time for this shit!

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