Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Passing the JLPT Additional

The other book I used to study for JLPT N1 was Point Seiri Nihongo Bunpou [ポイント整理 日本語文法]. It was about 1,000 yen. I found it on Amazon Japan for a little less. 

Be warned: there are NO English explanations in this book. Each grammar point has a short, two line Japanese explanation and two to four examples underneath.

I am lazy and found it really annoying to have to read everything in Japanese, though that probably did me some good. The grammar points usually give a similar and easier grammar meaning. For example, 「~に・して」was given ①だけ ②さえ as the meaning. When I couldn't picture how to use a particular grammar point, it was helpful to switch it out with one I was familiar with.

There are 16 chapters with grammar points grouped by similarity. Chapter 1, for example, covers time (along with "in the case of..." and "conditions"). Six grammar points are introduced at and the end of the chapter there's a practice quiz.

At 78 pages, the book is quite thin compared to the average study guide. It might be better to buy another one if you want, I guess. There are two short practice tests at the back of the book which I never got around to taking, but just like the JLPT practice tests, I tried to use the "take it over and over until it sticks" method. Er...I actually ran out of time before the actual test to get through the whole book. I don't know what I was doing. 

I hope they are still publishing this book or an updated version, since this was actually not for the New JLPTs!

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