Friday, December 4, 2015

Oh, to be free...

Don't we all wish to be free? 

Free from responsibilities like bills or work.

Free from the pressures of life.

Free from a society that pushes women to be more masculine...

...wait. What???

Apparently a writer at RocketNews thinks that Japanese women have a great freedom that western women don't have, and she wrote about it in an article titled "Three reasons why it's ok to be a girly girl in Japan." The writer, who seems to be from the UK, lists reasons why Japan is so great for allowing the womenfolk to be the petite, delicate flowers that we all know they should be. Unburdened by the pressures of western society that push masculine behaviors on females.

After acknowledging that maybe it might be difficult for some women to make careers, she jumps into her list:

Her first point is that women are "celebrated for their feminine characteristics." 
These include being called "cute" without the burden of "gendering." So true. Before coming to Japan I remember that parents feared to call their daughters "cute" lest they grow up to be perverted serial killers. But, here in Japan...the Land of the True Free, as I call it...parents can do as nature and god meant and call boys strong and girls cute. 

"You are not kawaii."
And that's fine because in Glorious Nippon, as I am often known to call Japan, many households still subsist on one income, that of the male. This leaves his feminine wife to care for the children since she doesn't have to adopt pesky masculine behaviors like "assertiveness" to get ahead in a job she doesn't need. 
There is the issue of women who aren't interested in those things, but fuck those bitches. We were born to wear frilly clothing and be cute, HELLO!!!11 Or should I say, "moshi-moshi???!!"

The second point raised is that Japanese women have the "freedom to dress up without being catcalled." 
Yes. In Glorious Nippon, all of the women are uniformly dressed well. In fact, well-dressed women are so normal that no one notices them. Slovenly western females discover their inner beauties and all is right with the world.
Well, except when guys hit on you (ew) or grope you (uncomfortable)...or flash you (mildly interested...). However, all of these pale in comparison to being catcalled in a western country, which would roughly be equivalent to being sold as a sex slave. Unfashionable Japanese women are shot. Or spirited away...

"Do you like my frills? As long as you call me 'cute' that's all that matters."

And finally, her third point is that "Japan loves cuteness un-ironically."
I'm not really sure what this point has to do with her argument that the women of Glorious Nippon are free to be frilly, but whatever. Odd numbered points generate more clicks. So, here we are. And she's right. Japanese people love cute things. We're talking about a country that gave us Hello Kitty and Pikachu. Yes, grown men will have some sort of cute thing on them, and you can bet it's NOT a picture of a girlfriend of wife. Probably some miniature version of Hatsune Miku. But that's besides the point! 

The take away...

RocketNews posted a shit article. That article was shit. The writer placed wearing frilly clothing and foregoing the business world above truly equal opportunities for both sexes. Japanese women AND men face tremendous pressure to fit into their prescribed roles. If you love the soft, girly "save me!" look and way of life, Japan can be a pretty interesting place. But, if you are a girl who loves sports, who wants a career and who dresses in clothing that's not "cute," you will have a damn hard time in life. 
When women hit their late-40s, suddenly being "cute" is a right that's taken away from them. They are now "oba-san" who wear dowdy clothing. Their once long hair is cut short and permed. They bitch at everyone and everything. For Japan, the time allotted to women who want to be cute is cut off around 24. Wouldn't it be better to allow wider roles for both genders that aren't so heavily policed?

And, because I find this annoying, this kind of bullshit article is exactly what a certain type of western man eats up. They want some evidence that they are "right" about how "masculine" western women have become. They love Japanese women because they think that Japanese women are soft and delicate...everything that western women are not. The write just went along with this stereotyping of Japanese women and reducing gender issues to "cuteness." 

In conclusion: Fuck this shit.


  1. For real though, that article was vomit and wholly untrue.

    As soon as the author categorized traits as feminine vs. masculine, I couldn't take it seriously. Plus it's made up of Tokyo-fairytales. A majority of women don't "dress up" in my neighborhood, rather, crocs and cheap bags that carry as much as possible seem to be the go-to look around here.

    And ugh, every time I see someone with that "you can dress however you want in Japan, you won't be judged, they INVENTED LOLITA" attitude, I sigh. You are being judged, don't let the silence fool you.

    Ahhhh but it's RocketNews, so I can't expect anything that isn't glorifying GLORIOUS NIPPON, right?

  2. Yes!
    I see a good number of young people who come thinking that the FRUITS magazine from 1995 is typical of how people in Japan dress. They look so out of place.

    The article was so over the top. I really had to pause and scroll to the top of the page to reconfirm that the writer was indeed female. <_<

  3. I am so sick of Rocketnews. Every time they summarize the latest Twitter phenomenon, their translations are SHIT. Literally the Japanese will say おばさん and it will be translated "old man." WHAT THE HELL??? HOW DOES THIS GET APPROVED??? Rocketnews is a joke.