Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Facebook Suspended My Account for Unknown Reasons

I was hoping the preparations for my trip home would be uneventful, but, no. 

On Thursday night, I shut off my computer and decided to check facebook on my phone one more time before heading to bed. I wasn't too surprised when I was asked to log in again, I'd just cleared my cache.

However, instead of seeing my page after logging in, I was told that I needed to submit proof of my identity. I typed in my name and birthday and sent the info off, and fell asleep...assuming that things would be back to normal in the morning. 

Nope. I was asked to submit a photo ID. I was fucking pissed. I pulled out my Costco card and business card, snapped a picture and sent it to them, later getting a reply that I needed something with my birthday on it.

This was getting annoying. When I got home, I pulled out my gaijin card, my Japanese insurance card and my state ID...along with my business card and snapped a picture of them. 

A little aside, when I signed up for facebook in 2005, I used an alternative name and three years later my account was suspended. I sent them a picture of my gaijin card and the reply I got from facebook was, "I've changed your name to [first name] [first initial of last name]."

Fine. Bitch.

That's the name I've been using for the past seven or eight years. And suddenly, I'm asked to confirm my ID.

So, I spend some time cutting slips of paper to cover my address, card numbers, middle name, last name (aside from the last initial), etc. And I send the whole of it to facebook. 
Over the past four days, I've only gotten copy-paste replies about my information not matching something. So, I sent them a picture of the original gaijin card with the information covered. 

I check my "special account" and it says "case closed." What? Nothing is closed, you people need to fix this shit. 

So, I've been sitting here trying to figure out what's up...

- Facebook has decided to go back on it's initial decision of my name as [first name] [first initial of last name] and they want my last name

- Facebook doesn't like my name in Japanese ([Japanese name given to me by my coworkers, written in hiragana] [first name written in katakana])

- Some fucking bitch decided she didn't like something I posted and smugly reported it

- Some dick decided they either didn't like me or wanted to fool around and say my name in Japanese was fake

- ????

I'm pissed because I've gotten emails from "Tanaka" and "Watanabe" that all say the same thing. The emails are all form emails copy-pasted from the English site, but the names are signed in kanji and English.

I guess my next move is to write in Japanese too? This is bullshit.

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