Monday, November 30, 2015

Random Thoughts 11302015

In about a month I'll be back in the US for Christmas and New Year's.

I'm so happy and trying to keep myself from buying everything I see before I return home. 

It's been over four years since I've set foot in the US. Four years. I really can't believe it. Part of me feels like the time has just flown by. These past few years have been terribly difficult. Getting to this point involved me putting my head down and focusing on just getting through the day. That's what I've been telling myself: "Get through the day. Come on."

Now my family is on me about returning home permanently to live and work. Of course, I'd like that. If I had a good job to look forward to. If I thought I had some sort of useful skill to peddle. (Complaints? Bitching? I guess that doesn't pay well.)

I guess my plan is to try to do some travelling around Japan or East Asia before wrapping up and heading home. My plan to save up $10,000 before I leave is looking to be impossible, but I can at least transfer my pension credits to Social Security in the US.

I'll feel bad about leaving my students, especially since they really seem to like me (pretty strange, I know!). But, everyday, I'm reminded that I don't really have anyone here. I have some kind of good friends that I enjoy spending time with, but since they're not in my city, I rarely meeting them and the ones in the city are either married or married with kids (yuk).

No one's going to take care of me except for me, so it looks like 2016 will be the year I make my grand plans to move back to the US and live in poverty again.

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