Thursday, October 22, 2015

Public Service Announcement

I was just watching the news and a segment about foreign tourists caught my attention. But, that isn't the reason for this post. This gesture is:

If you come to Japan, don't do this. This is NOT how Japanese people greet each other. Maybe you saw a picture of an Asian person online or something, I don't know. If you are travelling to South Asia or maybe Southeast Asia, it seems that there are people that do greet each other like this.

Feel free to do that there.

Not here.

You look ignorant when you do that shit. Ignant.

Oh, and don't even try to do this either:

There is usually a reason WHY people are bowing like this. Those reasons include: meeting someone from another company for the first time. Uh...and...hmm...yeah, that's basically it. Store staff bow to customers, it is neither polite nor appropriate to return the same level of bowing...unless perhaps you're an 80 year old Japanese woman with a lot of time on her hands. I know you're not an 80 year old Japanese woman, so stop frontin'. 

But what's the problem, you party pooper? I hear you cry. Well, let's look at this from a different angle. Since you can't differentiate between different Asian countries, it shouldn't come as a surprise that people in Japan can't really differentiate between different Western cultures.

Now, you're sitting in whatever state in the US it is that you're from, and newbie Tanaka-san comes over to greet you. It's his first time in the US, but he knows from TV that foreigners (ie, white people) love to greet by kissing each other on the cheek and giving hugs. So, he makes his way over an plants a juicy one right on your right cheek and another moist one on the left one. Then he gives you a long hug and crushes your hand with his Superman handshake. 

Sound like fun?
Then cut that shit out.

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