Monday, September 28, 2015

Will Chacott be my Savior?

Chacott is a brand I've always seen on the shelves of cosmetics stores and I've always kind of passed it over for the cuter and flashier brands like KATE or Majolica Majorca

Two weeks ago, I picked up the darkest foundation they had and, expecting to be disappointed, applied it to the back of my hand. The color seemed to melt into my skin. I couldn't tell where the foundation ended. I applied some more to various spots on my neck and face and walked around a bit waiting for it to settle.

Unlike other foundations that seemed too yellow or white, this one seemed perfect.

My little research into Chacott showed me that it's a company that focuses on dance and other performance products, with the make-up line being a natural branching out.

So. I bought it. I applied it to my face and it was great!

Unfortunately it doesn't have any SPF so I need to apply sunblock before I apply the foundation. But, I am really hoping that this works out well...!

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