Saturday, September 26, 2015

Random Thoughts 0926

This past Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were holidays in Japan known as "Silver Week." If you are familiar with Japanese holidays, you may know about "Golden Week" which takes place in May and has been a staple for a number of years. 

For those of us lucky enough to have those three days in addition to the weekend off, we had five days of freedom. I saved up my summer vacation days and took off the Friday (18th) and this past Thursday and me 10 days off of work (including the weekend).

So, what else would I do but go to the great land of Korea for about a week?

1. Korea Has Wi-Fi
Like, wtf Japan? There is free Wi-Fi all over Seoul and other outlying cities. And it's not that "sign up to use and we'll kick you off after 15 to 30 minutes" shit you call "Wi-Fi" on an old NTT line. This is the real shit.

2. Korea (Seoul) Has Tons of American Stuff
I know, "Who goes to Korea to eat Taco Bell?", right? Well...I do. There is fucking Fruit by the Foot. What the---?!!! Why? You know what, I don't need to know why. Just give me those Fruit by the Foot, some Quiznos, some of that Starbucks in the glass bottles and...take my money!

3. Seoul is Vibrant
Seriously. Tokyo, just...take a seat an learn. 

The National Museum was FREE! I've never been to a free museum in Japan unless I got tickets from someone. And the museum was so was huge!
I had a drink by the river with a friend and there were so many people out there drinking, skateboarding, singing and just enjoying life. People are out late, stores are open past 9pm and yeah. Tokyo seems dead by comparison. My guesthouse was about 7,000 yen for five a central area (the doorstep of Ehwa University). I stayed in Taito-ku last September, which is barely Tokyo and paid twice that for three or four nights. And the neighborhood was shit. Subway fare used in Seoul over 6 days, about 2,000 yen, if that. Subway fare used in Tokyo over a five-day period? Close to 6,000 yen.

4. The non-Asian Westerners Living in Seoul are Crunchy
Yeah, it's like all of the people who were rejected from the JET Program were sent to Seoul to teach. Some were pretty creepy. Guess there are no changes there.

Now that I'm back in Japan, I feel dull. I guess that's how things are after a vacation. 

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