Monday, April 20, 2015

Random Thoughts 04202015

We're already into the new fiscal year in Japan, and I'm tired. I do a lot of tutoring throughout the week. Weekends are almost always filled with one or two groups of students.

Japan has a lot of "English teachers." But what it doesn't have are a lot native English-speaking women who can also speak Japanese at an intermediate level. Why does it matter if one is male or female? And, don't Japanese women (the group that typically goes for English lessons) love white men?

The answer is yes and I dunno, ask a Japanese woman.

Here are three English-speaking jobs that are in need of females:

1. Kindergartens
If you like or can tolerate young kids, then "international" kindgergartens throughout Japan want you. A preferance for a female teachers isn't something that's unique to Japan; in the US, too, females are preferred as kindergarten and elementary school teachers. 

2. Eikaiwa (private)
It's almost always mothers who arrange lessons for their kids. Certainly some mothers would like a male teacher, but in my experience they really want females. This is especially true if they have daughters.

With kindergartens and eikaiwa, the likeability of the teacher is huge. Parents want someone they can trust and someone they feel they can confide in. And more than anything, they want someone who can look after their kid with the same kind of love they give them. At the moment I keep getting more and more requests from people who want someone to tutor their child or who want to practice English themselves. All of them want females.

3. Voice Work
If you speak English with a standard North American or British accent, there are many companies that would love to have your voice on their products. At my previous job, I was asked to do the voices of at least four different characters for a product because there were no other native English speaking females.

I think that if someone were to start a kindergarten or eikaiwa company where the majority of the staff were English-speaking females from top universities around the world, they would make a killing. But, I don't know how long I could or can last in the English-teaching world.

Random thoughts 以上。

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