Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why Japanese People?

I'm sure that a lot of us in Japan or studying Japanese have thought "WHY???" about a lot of things. Using kanji as his starting point, this American going by the stage name of Atsugiri (Thick Cut) Jason screams his concerns.

He starts with the kanji for "big,"(大) agreeing that it does convey largeness. By adding a small tick at the bottom, it changes to the kanji for "fat.(太)" True, fat people are big. But, move the tick to the upper part and it now becomes "dog.(犬)"


All the dogs he's ever seen in Japan are small, why??

He then moves to numbers, getting up to number 3(三), he thinks he's spotted a pattern when...
The kanji for "touch(触)" is made of the characters "horn" and "bug." Who thinks to touch a horned bug??

The kanji for begin(始) is made up of woman and table, but what is supposed to begin when you put a woman on a table?

He ends with the kanji for "depression(憂鬱)" or "gloomy," screaming while he writes out the difficult character, saying "it's too much!"

Check out the sketch below!

Atsugiri Jason is an IT worker and according to a Japanese blog I found, he was born in 1986, has a wife (!!) and two kids (!!!) and graduated from Michigan State University.

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  1. I saw him perform on 「速報!有吉のお笑い芸人大統領総選挙2014」, needless to say I enjoyed his performance. I hope he continues and we see him more this year.