Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Japanese comedy

This year a number of comedy duos broke through, but the two that stand out most to me are 日本エレキテル連合 (Nihon Erekiteru Rengou), a female duo and どぶろっく(Doburokku), a male duo.

With the female group, one member portrays an older man who has ordered an android to stand in for his deceased wife. Most of the sketches revolve around him trying to get her to do something with him. Akemi-chan is the android, but is apparently broken; the only words she utters are "Dame yo. Dame, Dame." (No. No, no.)
Check out a sketch below:

Doburokku uses song to deliver their comedy. The tag line is "Moshikshite dakedo," which is something like "could it be?," "possibly?," "maybe?" Their songs are targeted at women they happen to pass on the street with lines like, "Walking down the street late at night; You turned and looked back. As you hurried away; Could it be? Possibly? You're hurrying back home to clean your place for me?" Their addictive tune has been used in various commercials and for various products. Check it out below:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Brace Yourselves. We're in the Midst of Bonenkai Season!

Bonenkai season is upon us.

I'm sure that many have already started going to their parties. My work party is this coming Friday. Two weeks ago we got an email stating a tentative plan for karaoke. 

I need to just have people read and interpret things for me. I love karaoke and assumed they were talking about renting a room for us to jam in. No. It was a plan to rent a karaoke set and have us sing in front of each other in the party room.

Maybe that could be ok...

Then last week I was given the news that songs would be limited to Christmas songs only and there'd be a limit of 30 minutes of songtime. I'm disappointed, but, I don't want to let people down, so I'm listening to my chosen song on YouTube and singing along so I don't trip up too badly!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Today's Horrible Mistake

Krispy Kreme set up a temporary store downtown and I went last Saturday and got myself some delicious original and cinnamon sugar donuts.

Today I went back and got some different flavors. One was a chocolate filled snowman, which I'm planning to save for breakfast. The other was a powdered sugar covered jelly-donut-like thing called "Creamy Cheese."

I stupidly thought of cream cheese and bought it. When I later bit into it, I got sweet, cheese jelly. Disgusting as fuck. I regret everything.