Monday, November 17, 2014

Work, Friendly Reminders and...

After coming into work this morning, the woman who prepares the coffee and other office things walked around placing photocopies of some paper on our desks.

When I settled down to take a look, I saw that it was divided into four parts and had some go-to keigo for the phones and phrases to use when passing people in the hallway.

There are a lot of things like this here; signs in bathrooms telling you to think about others when you use the toilet, reminders to slow down, reminders to greet people in the hallways. A lot of it is neat, in a way. Sometimes a reminder can do a lot to put you on the right track, much like what happens when an elementary school student running through the hallways hears, "Why don't you take it slow?," and they turn around to see a teacher. Suddenly the student becomes more aware, slows down, and, what's perhaps most important, it happens in a moment. No one is yelled at. No one is punished.

My apartment has signs asking everyone to think of others and not turn up their TVs or stereos too loudly, and more. Unfortunately, they are just gentle requests, and when I've called to the management company to ask them to get my neighbor to stop his 30 minute intervals of smoking, they promised a note. "Even though his smoke gets into your room, we can't tell him he can't smoke on his porch. All we can do is remind him that his habit is causing others an inconvenience." 


So, since my neighbors have been having annoying loud squeaky bed sex at ungodly hours, I am not really sure that a phone call to the owners is going to stop anything. Really? Who has sex at 2am on a Sunday night/Monday morning? Or 4:30am on a Wednesday? Come on, that's just weird.

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