Sunday, November 9, 2014

Random Annoyances

What never gets old here is the random reaction I get from Japanese workers when I'm shopping or out and about. 

On a lucky day, the staff gives me the same treatment as the locals: I'm asked if I have a point card (if the store has one), get my purchase rang up and I'm out with no issues.

That happens maybe 50 - 60% of the time. 

The interactions that piss me off are the ones where, after asking the Japanese person in front of me if they have a point card or coupon, when my turn comes, they silently start ringing up my items. Of course, while they do this, I pull out my point card or discount coupon and they, at times, have to ring up the purchase again. 
The weird thing is that I'll pull out my card, they look at the card and give me the stock line they ask Japanese customers: "Do you have a point card?"

Of course I have a point card, what the hell do you think i just pulled out? 

At other times, as soon as I step up to the counter, the face of the person at the register turns to horror and they just stop talking. Or they switch to speaking to me in broken English and pointing to the digital display to show me my total.

You know, I'm not even going to give them any leeway. I don't live in a small town. This city gets a large amount of foreign tourists, but there is also a good number of foreigners and international students living here who can speak Japanese. 
There really is no excuse to ignore a customer or give them different treatment. You talk to me in Japanese, if I don't understand, then feel free to pantomime or whatever else.

Sure, it's something small in the larger scheme of things, but this is one of those annoyances that just builds and builds.

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