Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april fools

It's April 1st and I'm making my first post in a long time. First, I've been busy gearing up for my new job, which starts April 1st! Second, I've been sick, so that's that.

If you've been living in Japan or you're getting ready to visit Japan, be forewarned that the consumption tax will go up 3% to 8%. Previously it was 5%. Oh...my god. People have been going crazy buying up stuff before the taxes go up. Like, bulk buying food and shit. It is the apocalypse. 

Since it's April Fools day, and I remember last year's April Fools, I've decided to post what I find as I find it. So, first is cell phone company au with their mail-order kit phone.

Check out the page and video here. But, it'll be gone once April Fools ends, so catch it while you can! Deagostini is a company that has monthly subscriptions for things like maps, robots, etc. The jingle you hear at the end of the commercial is their jingle. 

Gigazine has a list of the Japanese April Fools sites up so far. 

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