Thursday, January 16, 2014

misc. links

Just a few links for the week...

1. I know that JET Program hopefuls are getting ready for their interviews. If you are hoping to be a CIR, check out my write-up about the interview here and here.
If you have questions, please leave them on this blog, since I don't visit the other one that often!

And wow, the CIR interview blog is on the first page for google searches! w00t! Of course, there aren't that many people who are CIRs, so, there's only so much to choose from...

2. Are you a non-Japanese girl interested in dating Japanese men? Well, a Japanese guy has an AMA on reddit. There are less than 100 comments, which points to how biased r/japan is to the males. 

3. My friend just posted this article to his facebook page. Japan will be taxing foreign downloads from 2015. Probably because the government is a bunch of dicks. Have I done any "foreign downloads?" No. But, that doesn't mean that I think it's not a dick move. 

Have a nice weekend!

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