Saturday, December 7, 2013

Misc. Post of the Day 12062013

Just a few thoughts before heading into the weekend...

1. You will never have enough experience...

Earlier this week, I applied to a few jobs online. The recruiters for the company I applied through for the job, called me for a phone interview on Thursday. I spoke with a woman in English, and then her Japanese co-worker. They both asked for my desired salary. Now, I know I'm being underpaid in my current job. Making the equivalent of $15 an hour might be great if I was fresh out of university with no skills, but that's not the case.

So, I told them I wanted the equivalent of about $40,000 a year. The job salary range was $35 - 55,000 a year. Safe, right?

But, after telling me that I was smart and talented, the lady then said, "JET pays well. But, in Japan, new grads make about $2000 a month and salary increases with age and experience. You don't have much experience, so I wouldn't count on such a high salary."

I was annoyed to again hear that I lacked experience. So, that night, as I talked with my friend N in Fukuoka, I asked for her opinion. "Am I really lacking in experience? Am I that shit?" Her response was as follows:

"You have enough experience. But, they are going to say you don't for this job. In my case, I worked as an instructor and when I was looking for jobs they told me that I didn't have sales experience or that I didn't have office experience. There will always be something that they can find so they can say that you don't have enough experience."

Her answer really helped me to realize that Japanese companies are cheap and full of shit and shit. 

2. Why I would never have a kid in Japan...

I was searching through images on Google images (as you do), and came across this:

This picture just sums up everything that's wrong with multiracial people and children in Japan. Mixed kids (only white and Japanese) have their faces plastered on a tsunami of ads, fashion mags, etc. They are told that they should model from the time they are young. 
Now for the clothes. I'm going to just say it: Japanese people dress their school-age daughters up like prostitutes. This is NOT cute!! 

Heavily made-up face? Check.
Come hither pose? Check.
Hooker socks? Double-check, muthafucker!
And, oh, lord, do those shorts have ruffles? RUFFLES??? What the hell is going on here?! And this ad is tame in comparison to what I typically see when I'm out. I see girls with shorts shorter than these, wearing fishnet stockings or thigh-high socks, heels (!!!) and shirts that look like rainbows and the English-language threw up on them.


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