Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tiny Pizza

I've been getting my pizza fix from Costco, but since I finish Zumba after Costco is closed, and there's a typhoon barreling down on Japan, I decided to order Japanese pizza. Pizza in Japan is crazy expensive. Like "WTH are you smoking?!!11" expensive.

But, I decided to treat myself and order a pizza "set" from Chicago Pizza. A small jabanero pizza (the Habanero Punch, to be exact...topped with bacon, sausages, onions and fresh tomatoes. The habanero was in a packet to be sprinkled over the pizza), and a "healthy set."
The healthy set was my choice of salad (caesar) and what appeared to be tater tots.

Ok, so. Yeah. The delivery person comes, hands me the salad. Cool. Hands me the box with the tater tots. Cool. And hands me some other small box. WTF? I've paid 2,300 yen (close to $23) for this small, slightly larger than a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza, thing???

No, it's not the angle...The pizza really is that small!

I had to laugh. "Small" was correct. My hand is not very big. And I just checked my spice packet, and there's not even any habanero in it! Ingredients: Crushed red pepper. Come ON! Well, I got food delivered to my house in the pouring rain, plus enough pizza left for tomorrow's dinner. Can't complain much!

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