Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Will Try This Makeup

Make-up is such a large part of daily life for Japanese women. Wearing make-up to work is considered an obvious professionalism. Even if someone doesn't go full out, they will wear either eyeliner, foundation or something that shows that they have makeup on. I'm from Michigan, but I hear that the South is similar to Japan in that women in the South feel that makeup is what you wear when you go out.

My mom doesn't wear makeup and I've never been all that interested in it. But, as it does, I've been feeling the pressure to conform in some way. I've spent the past 3 years or so looking through various makeup types, from powder foundation to BB cream. Having brown skin also hasn't helped my search. In a country that values light colored skin, the standard foundation/BB cream colors are usually too light, and the darker colors are often times too dark.

While, I would have no problem letting this issue go if I was back home, I decided to try and see if I could come up with something here. I can't stress how important makeup is here. As a foreigner, it's possible that no one cares what's on my face. But, I would be naive to assume that people don't judge. So, what I've stumbled upon is something a bit simpler that makes me look "nice" while not taking a lot of time.

And, that is blush! My T-zone gets very oily, and when I have used foundation, I look a fright after a few hours. With blush and some lip gloss, I think that I've found something that makes me look made up without looking overdone. So, if you're like me and you're in Japan and don't or can't do the whole Japanese makeup thing, try some blush. That might just be the small thing that helps you pull off a look!

I used Chanel #65 blush with Gelato Pique (a gift from a coworker) lip gloss and on occasion Chanel #54 lip gloss.


  1. Blush is the best! It can really make you look alive.

  2. So true! If I had known that earlier, I could have saved myself so many headaches!