Saturday, October 26, 2013


Just a few pics from my weekend in Fukuoka. :D I'd been meaning to post these earlier, but no time. Really, just a few of the mountain of pics I took!

Hakata Station was given a makeover a few years ago. I don't think I ever saw it before the make over, but this new station looks great! It's brightly lit at night and I feel pretty safe walking around. A big plus is that there are a lot of people hanging around.

My friend took me to the beach. The weather was warm, but the wind was strong. There were a good number of couples, youth and families playing in the water and enjoying the clear skies and good weather. 

The water was cool and clear. As time passed, the wind became stronger and the waves bigger. I almost lost a sandal to the sea! hehe

Looking out onto Fukuoka City.

Writing the name of your partner on a lock and locking it to something is supposed to represent your unbreakable love...or something like that.

Beautiful sunset. I am so happy I was able to capture it!

Looking down at the city at night. Love it!

The Monday I was in Fukuoka was a national holiday, Sports Day. Throughout Japan, there were a number events related to exercise, fitness and sports. In Fukuoka, they held an event to allow people "climb" Fukuoka Tower. By "climb," they mean, "Walk up the narrow stairs to the observation deck." Before heading up, the staff had all of the participants warm up with "radio exercises." It was surreal to do stretches with a character. But, it's Japan!

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  1. Lovely pics! :D Oh Fukuoka, how I miss thee and its ramen.