Tuesday, October 8, 2013


"Japan will turn you into an alcoholic."

I can't remember where on the interwebs I read this, but I certainly remember reading it as I did my pre-Japan preparation research. But...then again, it might have been "Korea" and not Japan. Maybe I read the same thing, but for each country...

Whatever country it was, I brushed it off. I mean, I never drank much in the US. I was never old enough to drink much before coming to Japan and I couldn't really picture myself sitting alone in my apartment drinking. But, here I am, seven? eight? years later, sitting in my apartment at 12:30 am debating on whether or not to open a can of this 7-11 chu-hi and down it before crawling into bed and dragging myself out in a few hours.

Decided to save the 7-11 for another day. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


  1. I have heard that saying about Korea, but I think it applies to Japan too. Japan certainly made me appreciate the relaxing sensation of popping open a can of beer/chu-hai after a day of hard work. I remember watching Evangelion as a kiddo and seeing Misato drink beer constantly and I certainly felt like those images became realized upon moving to Nippon. ^_^;;

  2. I will need to send you some chu-hi. We need more of this everywhere. haha!