Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random Thoughts

Health Exam

At the end of last month, I had a health check. Japanese companies lurve health checks. And the Japanese government, too. Every year that I've been in Japan, I've gotten a health check. And I should use "health check" loosely. It's more like two hours out of my day, and hour and a half of which is spent sitting waiting to be called. The rest involves a chest X-Ray, eye exam, hearing test, weight/height/waist check and this time (new to me!) being hooked up to a machine to shoot electricity through my body.

I'd spent the past 3 months or so trying to diet down to a weight lower than last year (success!) and trying to be healthy in general. It paid off, I was given an "A" on my health exam! w00t!


I hate trying to travel in Japan. I live in a large city. It's not Tokyo, but large enough to be a Designated City. And yet everything imaginable is damn expensive. Want to go to Tokyo by shinkansen? 30,000 yen+ (over $300) round-trip. Want to go to Tokyo by bus? Now I see tickets for 15,000 yen round-trip, more expensive because I'd be traveling on the weekend, but damn. Can't I catch a break? I'm sure that if I made enough to pay my student loans AND save that $300 would be a walk in the park, but...nope. I don't.


Time for bed.

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