Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obon Yasumi

Summer is the time when Japanese people visit their ancestral graves to clean them and pay their respects. It's a huge pain when it comes to traffic because EVERYONE is traveling at the same time. But, it seems that the "remedy" for this is staggered Obon breaks for company workers and "summer vacation" days that can be used for obon-related activities or vacation.

When I worked for the Japanese government, we were given 3 "summer vacation" days that could be used in July or August. This year, my company has given us 3 "summer vacation" days this August. Given...hmm...maybe "the company will be closed for 3 consecutive days and if you have paid leave you should take it because if you don't or can't, you won't be paid for that time off" is a better way of saying that.

I was hoping to try and go to Tokyo next month, and seeing that today is the first of my 3 days off, I went downtown to check out ticket prices. That's when I noticed that along with my company, a lot of other places were closed for obon. No price searching for me.

I also recently took a trip down to Baskin Robbins and discovered that they have Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Did I mention this before? OMFG, cookie dough ice cream! *cries*

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