Thursday, August 8, 2013

BBQ thoughts...

This past Saturday I went to a barbecue with some current and former co-workers. They found a nice spot by the river, but the first thing that bugged me when I arrived was that there was no tent or large umbrella. Even though the weather forecast said rain, the clouds teased us by forming a circle around the city...allowing the hot sun to beam down on us.

No matter, we'll be eating soon, right? Wrong. I guess no one had ever actually BBQed by themselves before. A lot of places offer outside BBQing and all you have to do is show up; the staff sets up the grill and the plate with the meat. A note, Japanese charcoal doesn't seem as easy to light as the American stuff...

The meat. Oh, the meat. It was in the plastic bag from the grocery store...just out on the the sun...for close to an hour... The "cooler", I don't know if the cloth bag that just barely kept things cool constitutes a cooler, but...whatever; the "cooler" was filled with bags of ice and...tea. I'm sure everyone assumed the fire would be started quickly, but about 45 minutes into the whole "how can we light this???" fiasco, I noticed the meat and stuck it in the bag.

The invitation to the BBQ was titled, "Come eat our meat."

Another 20 so minutes later and we had fire! w00t!

There was a possible case of heat stroke...maybe just heat exhaustion, not that that's great. The girl went to sleep on the hot tarp. Her hubby used my parasol to cover her head and put a scarf over her upper body...leaving her legs exposed. I tried to point that out to no avail. I watched her legs change color within 30 minutes :(

I was, quite honestly, hesitant to eat the meat. Is there anything safe about eating meat that's been sitting out in 95 degree weather for an hour? But, I did eat some...especially the burned meat and it tasted like meat. Since it's Wednesday night and I haven't thrown up or shat myself, I will assume that I've dodged the salmonella bullet.

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