Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Someone Dun Lost They Mind

Last week was a strange week of work.

On Monday, I was CCed a forwarded email. The content of which was that everyone now needs to be to work by 8:45am and that if you get to work at 8:55am, you will be counted as late, unless you call ahead to the bucho.

What was strange was that the email said, "The above applies only to seishain." Since I've been in arubaito limbo for the past 9 months, I wondered why I was being CCed.
Was this an FYI? Was this a passive-aggressive way of telling me and the others CCed that even if the new rules didn't apply to us, that we should follow them anyways?

So many questions.

The email ended by saying "We aren't playing a game of Who Can Cut it Closest," and "As adults, this level is expected." lulz, wut?

Of course I emailed for conformation and was told that I could come at my normal time (between 8:50-8:57). After that, I got a follow-up email stating that actually, EVERYONE has to come by 8:45am. What a crock of shit.

The day after that, I get another email, "Some customers may want to call early, so, we'll have our stand up meeting at 8:50am instead of 9:00am." Great, this makes sense if my department took phone calls, but we don't. And who cares if someone wants to call early? When I needed to call United Airlines, which is way larger than my company, they didn't answer because they have stated hours! 

There's always someone who's up earlier or later than other people. And well...who cares? If you're a large company, then you can hire people to be on the phones for 24 hours, but, I digress.

Now, on Monday, I get another email. This is great, it's like an email party.
This is another forwarded, CCed email. The content was that staff should greet their superiors before leaving for the day. Whatevs. It's Japan, it's what you do.

The second point was damn crazy, "Tell the person next to you when you go to the toilet." Are we elementary school students? Are you telling me that grown-ass people can't even go take a dump without everyone else knowing.

Someone is out of their damn mind.

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