Sunday, April 14, 2013

United Airlines, WTF?

After a long week, I was happy to have the weekend to mostly relax. And I was...until I saw an email from United Airlines. It seems that my miles expired in February. And I've been given the kind opportunity to buy them back to the tune of $560+.
What. The. Fuck.

we got rid of ur teh miles, so u ken buy them back. LULZ

Now, I know that United has changed some policy with regards to miles. But, after they made these changes, they later sent me an email telling me that my miles would expire. In fact, they sent at least three or four emails and said that I could keep the miles active by using them, buying more miles or buying something with the miles. I decided to buy something with my miles. 
This time, I was given no warning, whatsoever. Of all of the United emails I got, none of them had anything about my points running out by a certain time written in them. I don't get how United can send me emails about flight "deals", emails asking me to sign-up for credit cards and emails about everything else EXCEPT for one that says my points are going to expire!
I've sent United an email asking to have my points reinstated. We'll see what they say. 
What a scam! Being asked to "buy back" miles that they didn't even have the courtesy of telling me were going to expire!

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