Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can I Hanami?

Every spring, the sakura bloom and people prepare for hanami (sakura viewing). 
Despite sakura blooming earlier than previous years, this year, just like the years before found people setting up under the trees.

The company I work at hosted a company hanami. A few co-workers spent the night in the park to claim our spot under the sakura trees. 

Beautiful sakura!
Hanami really involves sitting on a blue tarp under the sakura and getting shit-faced drunk. It's pretty nice, and a fun way to relax. I love taking pictures this time of year. Japan has a lot of places where rows of sakura were planted, often by a river, and the scenes of fully bloomed sakura are breathtaking. 


If you live in Japan, you know that it's incredibly difficult to find a trash can. Garbage laws are tougher than the US, and garbage is separated into three basic groups of burnables, plastics and PET bottles (plastic bottles). Although signs were posted throughout the park directing people to take their trash with them and dispose of it at home, no one really listens. The result is this:

Sakura and garbage. Wabisabi at its finest! 

and this:

Can't pay attention to the sakura with all this garbage blocking my view!
The sad thing, in my opinion, is that this could be solved if the parks just put out garbage cans for people! Yes, I see that the garbage is situated around one can, but this happens every year! Cities KNOW that people are just going to dump their trash. Why not bring out a few large bins?  At the very least it would keep the park from looking like a dump.

That is my humble opinion...ijo.

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