Monday, March 18, 2013

White Day and St. Patrick's Day

Thursday, March 14 was White Day here in Japan. 
White Day was created as a counter to Valentine's Day. Here in Japan (and also Korea), single girls make chocolate hearts (or buy them) and present them to the boy they like and hope that he will accept their feelings. Coupled or married females also give chocolates to their significant other.

On White Day, a month later, the boy will give the girl chocolates and hopefully it'll make their one month anniversary. Or, he'll give chocolates to everyone who gave him one. These are known as "giri choco," obligatory chocolates. Female office workers give giri choco on Valentine's Day, and their male co-workers reciprocate on March 14th. 

I put 1,000 yen into my workplace's communal pot to get the men chocolates for Valentine's Day, and they ponied up for White Day. We got brand-name chocolates. I've never heard of the brand, the only expensive chocolates I know of are made by Godiva. 

Interestingly enough, Pi Day is virtually unknown. It does have a Japanese Wikipedia page, though! 

In about four more minutes, St. Patrick's Day will be over. I wouldn't expect Japan to do anything  to mark the day, and there is nothing that does mark the day. Foreigners and bars that cater to foreigners here serve green beer and put up decorations. I never did much St. Patty's Day stuff in the U.S., so I'm not all that disturbed by the lack of celebration. But, I do miss the McDonald's Shamrock Shake. THAT would have been nice to have...

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